Eat Healthy In Manhattan - Where to Go

I've often heard people talking about the struggles of trying to eat healthy or maintaing a healthy diet while travelling or on holiday. Compared to other, more tropical places with lots of fresh fruit and open air, New York is quite a hard place to do this. So, I decided I would try to tackle this problem and help out anyone going to New York (specifically Manhattan) soon. 

Throughout the 10 days I spent there, I admit I was pretty occupied looking for healthy places to eat, since all I could see was corn dogs, fries and burgers. I therefore ended up going to loads of different restaurants, cafes and juiceries, some of which I liked, and some others which I didn't. For all you lovely humans, I decided to make a little interactive map with all the healthy places I went to which I actually liked. 

Here is the link; - here you can click on each of the places depending on what area you're in and see where you can get something healthy!

Most of these places are around Midtown, since that is where I was staying so I looked around the most. I've gone and tested all these places and I can definitely recommend them all <3

Throughout the trip, I thouroughly established my love for acai bowls... I had them too regularly. In fact, one of my favourite memories from my trip to New York was eating an acai bowl on the rocks of central park while watching the sun set. It was the most relaxing and perfect moment I've had in a long time (especially with all my exams) and I loved being able to see the Manhattan skyline while eating the most delicious lil bowl. You can find them pretty much around the whole of Manhattan (especially Juice Press and Juice Generation) so if you get a chance, seize it. 

Acai bowl and green juice? I think yes. 

So that's today's post! I hope this is helpful... I think I'm going to be doing one of these for everywhere I go so let me know what you think! 
xx Sofia 

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