In films and tv shows it is very clear that New York is a busy city, meaning that visiting it needs you to adapt to the busy lifestyle so you don't feel out of place. I admit I've been sleeping in too late and feeling bad about it later but this is what I've been up to yesterday and today.


For all of you who know me, you'll know I tend to have something morally against the hypebeast culture, which is a story for another post. Regardless, I thought it would be a shame not to visit the Supreme New York store since I was there, so that's what I did. For once, I was genuinely prepared to treat myself and actually buy something from there but ended up finding nothing worth a second glance. I consulted some friends and they said it was because there wasn't a drop so I guess it's my fault for not going at the right time but I honestly don't see myself queuing for some clothes hahah...

Walls and Yellow Sunglasses

Yes these sunglasses cost $10, yes they are yellow, yes they give me a headache... but I love them anyways. I've been thoroughly enjoying wearing them around and seeing some approving and disapproving looks on the street. And, of course, I'm wearing my adored Shadow Hill hoodie that I never, ever leave London without <3. Anyways, New York is full of 'decorated' walls, with graffiti, texts, posters and stickers, and they tend to be very interesting for pictures so I put funky sunglasses and funky wall together and this is what I got...

(If you follow my instagram @lifefromsofia you would have seen these xx) 

MoMA - Museum of Modern Art

Luckily for us staying in the Midtown, MoMA is really easy to get to, and for me it's free (need to take advantage of the fact that I'm still considered a child for a long as possible.) I didn't even manage to get through half the museum it's so big and overflowing with incredible artists like Rosseau, Picasso, Rauschenberg , and Van Gogh. I saw paintings, sculptures, videos and photos (everything you can imagine...) My personal favourite was being able to see Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' in person because no picture can live up to what the painting is like in real life (but I put one in for you anyways ahhaa.) Please please please if you're in New York go to MoMA, it is so worth it and if you're under 16 it's free which is absolutely incredible.

Of course, it should go without saying that besides these things I've been doing plenty of shopping, stopping at way too many shops, taking too many pictures and just, in general enjoying New York. Hope you liked this post xx have you ever been to New York, if so, what was your favourite part?
xx Sofia


  1. Anything yellow is a winnnn <3
    Loved this and I'm so jealous you're in American right now ahh x