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Seeing friends who don't go to your school or live in your city is already hard enough, but having a best friend who literally lives on the other side of the world (13hour plane journey) takes that challenge to a whole new level.

In my situation, her name is Mili and she lives about 7000 miles away from me. This is why, we seize any opportunity to see each other, and it so happens that our holidays coincided slightly, and Mili and I ended up meeting in New York for a day. Her last day, my first day.

This is how we spent our day.

It's important to know that I had never been to New York before, so Mili was my guide and sacred protection for when I kept looking on the wrong side of the road and almost got hit by cars (multiple times) and for understanding the subway system.

Central park was definitely the highlight of the day for me, it was absolutely beautiful and endlessly big.

I mean, I thought Hyde Park was incredible... this is a whole new thing. It has rocks you can climb on and see the Manhattan skyline, bridges, ponds, playgrounds and all sorts of things.

Everywhere I go I always have something to say about the people, because I think that's really what makes a place special, what gives it character. This really became clear to me in Central Park because no one cared about people watching or norms and just went on with life. I really admire that and it definitely made the park more interesting. For example, Mili and I saw a man dressed only in a bright pink bra and underwear scootering around posing for pictures, and we were just thinking wow thats wierd but also damn he has courage and he doesn't care. Most importantly he made people smile and smiled along with them, at the expense of his dignity, which is really admirable.

Perhaps some more 'ordinary' people...

Another one of my favourite things about the day was the sky. Before you start asking questions please just admire the sky in these photos I beg. I don't know if it's the New York charm or me being odd but I love it beyond words. The way the buildings tower over and the sky is bright blue and the clouds perfectly white and fluffy really got to me hahah. (I do appreciate I sound crazy but I'm going to go with it)

Food was also something that I thoroughly enjoyed (really not suprising at all, but yesterday I really enjoyed it) For lunch we ate at Shake Shack in Washington Square Park. Although a lot of you may say that it's just like having Shake Shack in London... you're probably right lol. The burgers had the same mindblowingly good taste and the coke came in the same bottle and was, by all means the same. BUT, the company, atmosphere and place completed the experience and made it that little bit more magnificent. Because, to be honest regardless of where in the world you are, Shake Shack will always be incredible. Dinner was at Benihana, which anyone who has been will know is unbelievably good food and will always 100% recommend.

Throughout the day we also went to Highline, which is basically a small park on a bridge over the city. One part had this glass that was over a road and I could see down and it was pretty damn cool especially with all the cars driving underneath. We also stopped by loads of cool vintage shops and vinyl record pop up shops which were very interesting and had cool neon lights that low key blinded me. Because we're tourists and felt like it we ventured down Fifth Avenue as well, admiring Gucci shoes and Versace jackets we couln't buy hahaha.

A lot more of this wonderful city to come! Stay posted... <3 Where in the world do you most want to go?

x Sofia

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