its a spring thing... things to do this spring

Nothing beats that incredible moment when you're walking home and you pass a cherry blossom tree and a breeze blows and loads of perfect pink petals fall all over your jumper (no coat needed anymore!)

So clearly thats probably my favourite thing about spring, but of course, living in London in spring, there's so much more going on! Here's some ideas as to what you can do in London in spring!

(Literal) Spring Clean - It's finally time to start putting away all that winter stuff and start making space for short sleeved shirts and shorts! I recommend that everyone does this since it's so satisfying to have a nice organised room with only the things you actually need. While doing this, I noticed that I had a lot of things that I didn't need or use very often. This led to the creation of my friend and I's depop shop @honeytrap! Check it out if you want xx

Park Picnic - To me, the first picnic of the year means it is officially spring and this always puts me in a good mood. Some of the best places in London I can recommend are Kensington Roof Gardens, Regent's Park and Chelsea Physic Gardens. Get yourself some strawberries, cream, ice tea and you're all set.

Wear more Br!gHt colours - Take advantage of the fact that all the flowers are starting to bloom and put on some colour! (I say this because I barely ever wear anything but black ahah) Go for a nice bold  yellow or pink ;)

Eat Cool Ice cream - Ever since summer last year, there have been 3 places I've been dying to go to as soon as the sun comes out... those 3 places are Milk Train Café (aamazzing ice cream in a cloud of candy floss), Soft Serve Society (aesthetic af ice cream) and Yolkin' (heavenly macaroons ice cream sandwiches) All of these... one tube ride away. Worries me a bit how excited I am just to eat ice cream... 

Exhibitions! - Take advantage of the fact that you don't need to wrap up just to go outside and that the sun is out to go and see some exhibitions. You may surprise yourself... there is some pretty cool stuff going on in London, make the most of it. Here are some that I want to go to this spring:

> Josef Albers - Sunny Side Up
> American Dream: Pop to Present 
> David Hockney at the Tate Britain 
and I recently saw Robert Rauschenberg and loved it so definitely recommend 100%.

Markets - yes yes yes please markets thank you very much. In the spring and summer, there are very few places you can be in London where you won't have a market near you. I love this since markets are perfect for finding unique little things that no one else has. Some of my personal faves:

> Primrose Hill Market
> Portobello
> Brixton Market
> Borough Market (if you go get yourself a duck sandwich ((you will not regret it)))

I hope this post has made you feel spring inspired! Get outside and enjoy the sun while it lasts ;)

x Sofia 

and just to make spring even better... this is a collab with some of my favourite bloggers out there <3 check out all their posts >>>>


  1. This was the loveliest post ever! This summer I really want to make an effort to be outdoors and do as much as possible, so the suggestions of picnic places was amazing!

    Edie x

    1. Thank you Edie <3 Same I cant wait to get my sunglasses on and go outside ommmddd !!!

  2. Those ice-cream places you listed look so nice, I might have to go to try them out some day! I've been really into reds and yellows these days, basically colours I would never usually wear ah

    dalal //

    1. Thank you Dalal! Yes I definitely recommend you do, won't regret it xxx