How to make the most of any holiday

Get off that phone.
As I have said before, my trip to Cuba really enlightened me about how much time we spend on our phones on holiday, whether it's checking social media, playing games or editing pictures. I've found that phones take away that little moment of beautiful boredom I used to experience before I got swept into this world of social media and technology. What I mean by those moments is where you have nothing to do, but you are in a beautiful place, or with people you love, and instead of looking around, smiling and appreciating, you go on your phone. So, next time you're on holiday (or just life in general) try and notice those moments, put your phone away and just appreciate.

But.... take lots of pictures
However, in my opinion, some moments need to be captured, and I'm always the person you'll see walking around with a camera, since of course I love photography and feel that some pictures can instantly take you back into a moment of time, so they're great to have and treasure. Try taking pictures of quirky things, stu
ff you would never photograph. You might surprise yourself, great pictures take risks.

Try new things, specialties, different sports
Especially when it comes to food and sports, I 100% recommend trying things outside your comfort zone; whether it's spicy food or surfing, these are the kind of authentic things you may only be able to experience in that particular place you're staying... so take advantage of that! (Even if your mouth is on fire afterwards)

Talk to the people, learn their stories
What better way to learn about a place than to speak to the people who live there? Strike conversations with strangers, ask about how they've grown up, what it's like living here and what they recommend doing- they'll always give the best suggestions, and often their stories are quite inspiring.

Listen to a short amount of music so that those songs will always bring you back to that moment - Ok, for this one I honestly don't know if I'm the only one, but on holiday I like to listen to a few songs on repeat while there, and I find that when I get back to London and I listen to those songs my brain automatically associates them with whichever place I was at, and it instantly transports me back to incredible memories of that holiday.

Make the most of the time you have, do as much as you can - wake up early, go for walks, try things, see every museum you can or visit as many high streets as you can. Whatever your holiday aspirations may be, cherish the time you have where you are and make the most of your time. Don't waste those precious moments because you'll regret it when you're sitting in a classroom again wishing you could go back.

Family and friends- bring friends and make new ones. Or, spend time with your family and appreciate having them around.

Live in the moment, don't always plan things - now don't get me wrong, I'm all for planning. In fact if I could I would probably plan all my holidays to the minute, but lately, I've been noticing how much nicer it is to just go with the flow and adapt to whatever is going on in the moment. This allows for new opportunities to arise :)

If you're somewhere hot... get a tan !! Or at least that what I always aim for, but wear sun screen of course!! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and you find this useful!Where was the last place you went on holiday and how did you make the most of it?

x Sofia


  1. I love the music idea! I have so many songs that bring back memories 🌞🌞 it's the cutest thing. Lovelyyy post as always Sof x

    1. ahh yes I know its the best !! You just close your eyes and its like being back there again <3 Thank you xxx
      lotta love

  2. Loooove this post. So many people go on holiday these days and just lounge on the beach with their phones! Where's the adventure gone?
    Kate ||

    1. Thank you so much Kate <3 yes I know exactly that's why whenever I can I encourage people to live in the moment and make the most of where you are!!
      Xx Sofia

  3. The above is so true. I totally relate. Whilst I were away on my Eastern Caribbean cruise, December last year, not once did I touch my phone whilst off the ship. The only purpose my phone was used for had been :updates on the time and photographs. Additionally, I made sure my family and I made the most of the cruise, participating in what was happening, checking out every island,etc,etc. Hope you enjoyed your holiday very much!
    Ps: Do you by any chance have a Snapchat account which I can follow or any other social medias(trying to improve my social medias).

    #sweetreats xx

    1. Wow thank you so much! That cruise sounds increíble I've always wanted to go on a cruise and well done for staying away from the phone!! (I find it really hard) yes of course I have Instagram it's @lifefromsofia xx feel free to follow and I'll follow you right back xx