January Favourites 2017

First favourites of 2017... wow where the hell does the time go?? This month has been cold and filled with studying and more boring stuff but here we go... me (hopefully) brightening up your day with my January favourites. 

aesthetics amirite...?

All The Bright Places

Ok.. so this book. Perfection. I was honestly not emotionally prepared for all the feels in this book. Not gonna give anything away because I have no intention of spoiling one of the best books I've read in a long time. I kid you not I brought this with me wherever I went and read it in any spare moment I had, which is probably why I finished it way too soon. Like a lot of people who have read this, the ending disappointed me a little, but I also like it because it doesn't give you a fake happy ending, its real and bittersweet.

Sephora Face Masks

Does anything even need to be said about these? Pearl face mask that brightens and Algae face mask that detoxes... perfect perfect combo of perfect perfect masks.

Becca Champagne Pop

My love that I will hold close to my heart forever and ever; Becca's Champagne Pop. This is the most incredible highlighter I think I will ever lay my eyes on and has been an absolute staple this month (and the 4 months before that) in any makeup look I've attempted (trying to get that winter glowww.) It's subtle, yet noticeable. 

Iced Pumpkin Cookie Candle

Imagine heaven in a candle. That is exactly what this is. If this candle had been pumpkin cookie alone I know it would have been incredible, but the fact that its iced just gives it an extra sweetness and richness that I think is hard to beat. You'll also notice that this was in my christmas wishlist and damnn did it live up to its expectations.


And finally... Scrapbooking. I've found out that there is so much pleasure in cutting, writing and sticking things in a book. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they don't... who cares? Its extremely cathartic and I find its a much better use of time then just lying in bed on my phone. My recent post on my 2017 Resolutions is an outcome of this scrapbooking obsession that is arriving.

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
How's your January been?
x Sofia


  1. I have been told by many friends, family and bloggers that the key to clear skin is face masks. The particular ones mentioned in the post seems like a brand to add to my list of experimental face masks.Besides my face-masking goals,very agreeable January Favorites.

    #sweetreats xxx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thank you so much that's so sweet! I tend not to experiment too much with face masks which is annoying because it means I don't discover nice news ones but need to step outside my mask-comfort zone? Will do xxx