2017 Resolutions

nooww.. you may be wondering why the title of this post isn't 'New Year's Resolutions' instead its '2017 Resolutions', this is because I've firmly come to the conclusion that I should stop calling them 'New Year's Resolutions' because that's what they become, things you promise you'll do all year and end up giving up a few weeks later. No, this year I'm determined. And, to showcase my determination/put my scrapbooking to some kind of use, I made little pages in my notebook with each of my resolutions. I found this so so much fun and they ended up being 'goals for life' instead of 2017, but, hey ho we'll go with it.

So, this is the cover of my favvee little notebook (from Tiger) and I've just stuck some glitz letters on it for some extra pow ;)

Just in case you can't read what's written, it says 'wear more colour' which I've been struggling with in winter but I'm sure by the time summer rolls around this will be much easier.

Ok so, being strong, both mentally and physically has always been a goal of mine, and this is the year where I'm really going to crack down and figure out what makes me weak and work on how to strengthen it. 

Probably my favourite of them all... This past year has really made me realise how much meeting new people and cultures can add to your life, whether it's a tube ride away or on the other side of the world. Learning and understanding different views and the way people think in other places has really inspired me to travel and learn more about these cultures.

This one really has been in my mind for a long, long time. I think that's because this is the one I struggle with the most, as it just seems like its built into my nature to look around and wonder if anyone is judging me. But no, 2017 Sofia will not care (hopefully, still working on it)

I've always admired people who are always smiling. I feel like everyone needs to have that one person in their life who seems like they're always happy, and the few times when they're sad, they don't try and spread it, instead try and find the humour and see the bright side. I want to be one of these people.

and well this one is fairly obvious. 2016 really was the year I properly discovered my passion for blogging and I'm so glad I stuck with it through the good and the bad and keep enjoying my wonderful corner of the internet.

blogger + aesthetic photos = my idea of perfection 
(currently wishing I could take aesthetic photos like Morgs or Esme...)

Apparently this is one of the most popular resolutions in the world... cray cray. Anyways this year its more about trying new, healthier good food (aka expanding my horizons or whatever) so that its easier to make more dishes..

If you've ever had a conversation with me, then this has probably been mentioned. I always feel I'm not 'intellectual' enough and even though this is half a joke, I will make an effort to 'become more intellectual', whatever that means.

This year, Cuba enlightened me. Not in the spiritual sense, but it did make me realise how much more calming it is to be on holiday and not have to worry about social media or what small unimportant thing is going on in the world. Obviously, Cuba was an extreme example because that was forced, but even though I know it will be very hard, I'm going to try really hard to lose this habit I've got of constantly feeling like showing people what I'm doing.

Self explanatory, but I do think that this is one of the best things that you can do for yourself as a person... meet new people which leads to experiencing new things.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading about what I'm gonna spend this year focusing on! Now... I'm really curious, how are your resolutions going? Hopefully all good x let me know in the comments!

x Sofia

((little sidenote... blog genius and friend of mine Esme posted a similar post which inspired me! Go check it out here))


  1. Your scrapbooking skills are amazing! So tumblr omg <3
    Morgan xx

    1. Thank you Morgan <3 trying to learn xxxxx

  2. I am sooo in love with how you did this! This is such a unique way to write about your 2017 goals and was so refreshing to see after all the other 2017 goals posts I've read x

    1. Thank you so much Ciara that's so sweet <3 decided to post it a little later for that reason haha :)) xxx