How I Travel & Why

The Christmas holidays are finally here, and because of that, a lot of you reading this will be travelling. Even though I love ,love, love travelling, I do find it stressful sometimes, so here is what I can give for any of you traveling: How I Travel & Why.

Water - this is one of the most important things for me when I travel. I am, and always have been the kind of person who drinks 3/4 bottles of water a day and I usually don't feel well if I don't. The thing I find annoying is when you ask for a cup of water on a plane and you don't finish it and it's just sitting there on the table and there is nowhere to throw it away until they come around and you are rooted to your seat because of this stupid cup. For this reason, I have started bringing small bottles of water (I mean SMALL small like 33cl) with me so that I can refill it with their water on the plane and go sit down and drink the water whenever I please. And if I'm travelling with a company that charges for water then I think it's imperative to buy some before in the airport.

Clothes... Comfy? Chic? - depending on who with and where to I'm travelling, appropriate clothing styles vary. For example, if I'm traveling by myself or with my family then you'll find me wearing my camo tracksuits and an oversized hoodie. However, if I'm with some family friends or people I don't know very well I'll probably opt for my Topshop black jeans and a hoodie. This is because Topshop's skinny jeans are actually really comfortable for travelling since you can cross your legs, stretch and be comfortable. 

Makeup - little to none. I already feel like plane air conditioning drains the life out of my face so I never feel the need to add extra uncomfort to that. For long haul flights I usually bring some kind of face/eye mask miniature so that a) I can give my face some moisture and b) I have something to do (I get so so bored.) Some of the best I've tried are: the Sephora Algae face mask (quite hard to get off though) and the Sisley Eye Contour Mask (highly recommend-you don't even need water to get rid of it and it erases those bags and fine lines)

Food - eating healthy while travelling has always been hard for me. I always find myself drawn to cheap, unhealthy snacks because usually planes don't offer anything else but processed or frozen food. So, clearly I'm not an expert, but my tips for travelling healthy is to bring your own snacks and be prepared. It's a lot easier to be healthy if there healthy options for you. Corn thins, rice cakes, protein bars, dried fruits are all examples of things you can bring with you on trips so that you don't have to reach for the unhealthy options. It's also really helpful to find out where you can get healthy food from in the place you're going to so that you can stock up.

Entertainment - if you're one of those people who can sit there listening to music doing nothing else for hours on end then I envy you so much because I'm not one of those people. I'm the kind of person who gets bored easily and thinks that only doing one thing at a time is wasting time. Right now, I'm writing this, I'm sitting on a plane to Argentina (and have been for the past 13 hours) and waiting for an eye mask to dry on my face, and I'm listening to Starboy. Particularly important for long haul flights, I always have 2/3 films downloaded, at least 1 new playlist downloaded, my camera, my journal and something to draw with. ((Ooooh also I just binge watched the whole first season of Stranger Things back to back and woowww so many feelings)) A portable charger is also really useful :)

Luggage - wherever I go, you'll probably find me with my Longchamp rucksack. Ever since I got it for my birthday it has not left my side. It's light, doesn't get dirty and surprisingly fits so much more than you may think. So, I take my on flight essentials in here (iPad, money, phone, book, passport headphones, water) and pretty much leave everything else in the suitcase. I've recently found out how freeing it is to carry minimal amounts in hand luggage, it's so calming to know that there are only a few things I need to remember to have.

Hope you enjoyed this post <3 
Where are you spending Christmas? 
x Sofia


  1. I'm going to France on christmas eve so the flight is pretty short. I usually just download some new music the night before the trip and then listen to that whilst reading. Uhh I hate plane food so I usually just bring my own food too but it's usually the most unhealthiest junk food haha, enjoy Argentina!

  2. Comfy clothes are a must! I agree about wearing little to no makeup- it's so much easier. I also should start bringing magazines on planes, I often read my books or fall asleep! I travelled home for Christmas to Ontario from out West and it's lovely to be back. Hope you have a lovely week Sofia!

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