hey and welcome to my blog!

Life From Sofia is a fashion, food, travel and lifestyle blog written by me, Sofia, a 15 year old student from England.

 I've always loved sharing my thoughts about things I've been loving or places I've been going, so that's why I started this blog. Here you'll find out about my travels (+ some travel tips), yummy recipes I've tried out (and sometimes failed) and lots of random other bits and bobs.

Little bit more about me:

So, as you know my name is Sofia. I spend my time drinking strawberry smoothies, forcing my dogs to love me and, of course, blogging about things I love. I WORSHIP vintage fashion and oversized hoodies. I always have a camera in my hand, wether thats my iPhone or my beloved Leica and I'm always looking to take aesthetic pictures.

Current Obsessions: learning to play the piano again, scrapbooking with lots of glittery tape, cara delevingne + kendall j, and Chanel N*5

Couldn't Live Without: my passport, candy kittens sour blueberry, netflix, my camera, best friends

One Piece of Advice: Life is much easier when you don't worry about what everybody else is doing. Enjoy everything you do, live life effortlessly and smile as often as possible

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Have fun looking around! <3
X sofia

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