3 things to make your life more summery

Ok so summer just puts me in a good mood. Waking up and leaving the house with the sun in my eyes just makes me want to smile and put the doggy snapchat filter on. So, due to these high levels of sun induced happiness, I've found myself doing some things that just add that little summery pzahh to my life, and who knows? You might like them too :)

Flowers and Cacti

Flowers are a summer must have. There's something about seeing vibrant colours and smelling a sweet wiff as you enter the room that really makes you realise its summer. Recently, I've been putting a bunch of flowers in a glass bottle (usually from drinks I only buy for the bottle) and putting it on my windowsill. I change the flowers every now and then to make sure they're popping with colour. Next to them I have these cayyyuuuttt af little cacti trio which I got from a nursery in St Johns Wood. They cost about £1.50 each and I think they look stunning and they're so easy to care for (which is amazing for us lazy af people)

Daisy Necklace

Ok so I'm not going to lie. This necklace is hard to wear, but only because it's quite big, which means it's hard to pair up. However, recently, I've been reaching for this more and more, because it just seems to complete any grim outfit and make it more exciting. I love love love how the daisies are so in detail and lined with gold, I think it looks intricate and beautiful.

Spark Joy (organising)

I literally have no idea if this is just me, but when I think of summer I think of clean, white and organised. So recently I've been forcing myself to organise my life a bit more (and by life I mean my room because my room is my life lets be honest.) This book has made it so much easier to give away all the things I think I need but I honestly don't, which take up my room and make it look messy af. This book focuses on keeping things that spark joy, and Marie Kondo says that those are the only things you need to keep. If anyone is looking to feel like they're life is put together, get this, you'll love it. 


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  1. I can feel all the summery posts coming hehe! Yassss x
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