being afraid of change

! if you don't want to read a kind of rant then stop reading right now !

Now that I'm back in London from Argentina, I had the chance to 'reflect' on the big change I've just come from, moving to Buenos Aires for 3 months. Now hold up.... that sounds WAY too cringe. Before moving, I was extremely worried about going; I was worried about friendships, academics and integrating back into Argentine life, and then re-ajusting to the London life. Basically today I'm going to share with you some of the things I've learnt about change, and being afraid of change. 

1. Change Leads to Opportunities and Experiences
 In this case, my family made me move to Buenos Aires. Since the lifestyle there is so different, I was able to do things that I could never do in London; for example, I went horse riding almost every day and had 5 dogs (the mum and her 4 puppies), which are things I have only ever DREAMT about doing. 

2. Sometimes Change is Inevitable 

At the beginning I wasn't convinced that change can be good but I had to remember that it was inevitable anyway. I may not like change, but it was a lot easier once I just let things take their course and enjoyed what I could.

3. Change Allows You To Move On
Once a bad situations changes, you’ll be able to focus on new circumstances and new reasons to be happy. Whatever you didn’t like can stay in the past. 

4. Change Makes You Flexible                                                                                                              Being stubborn and resistant to new things will make a normally stressing situation even worse. Change helps you learn to go with the flow. 

That's all for today :) Hope you had an amazing day 
Xx Sofia

lola the pup 

maya <3


  1. Aw Lola looks so cute! Change is something I really struggle with but this post was really inspiring- some great advice!
    -Morgs x

    1. Thank you! Yes it's definitely something I've always struggled with as well Xx Thank you for always supporting me hahah
      Xx Sofia

  2. Love Lola and Maya! ❤️
    I agree with you and sometimes change is the best way forward. xxx

    1. Thank you! :) I completely agree with you
      x sofia