Alexander Calder Exhibition

Last night I went to the Alexander Calder exhibition at the Tate Modern. I loved it. 
It seems to me that art is something I've only recently started to appreciate properly. When I was younger my parents made me go to 'boring' exhibitions and galleries that I never wanted to see, but now thats slowly changing. I guess its called 'growing up' or 'being mature', but what I saw today, I liked. 

If you don't know, the Tate Modern is a modern and contemporary art gallery in Bankside, London. The exhibition I saw was called Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture. It is an exhibition showcasing the work of the american sculptor Calder, who was a radical figure, pioneering kinetic sculpture, bringing movement to static objects. 

As well as many amazing paintings, Calder created suspending forms that move with the flow of air, revolutionising sculpture. I think that his work is absolutely incredible; everything from the use of bold colours and big shapes to small intricate detailed shapes of wire hanging from the ceiling, casting beautiful shadows over the walls as it turns in the light. Massive pieces of art all around you at every angle.

I think this was a great trip and experience, and if you get a chance to go, it isn't something you should miss. 

Xx Sofia 

my parents got a little carried away and they bought the catalogue and the posters... 

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