better late than never blogmas

well you haven't heard from me in 2 months. let me explain why I haven't been posting.

- my dog had 4 puppies... who can resist
- I was settling in to my new school in Argentina
- my camera broke (its fixed now)
- I didn't have any computer to post on
  and honestly I didn't know what to post.

But lets not dwell on the bad :)) Hopefully this post is a confirmation that I'm back and I'm doing blogmas. Yes I did realise its the 4th December not the first but I'm going to do blogmas anyways because I'm hoping you'll enjoy it and I really want to get back into the flow. I would also like to thank Esme for being the one who encouraged me to get back into blogging, she's an amazing friend and blogger so click here to check out her blog.

Thank you for being patient xx sofia