3 Song Obsession

Recently I've been going on a lot of long car journeys, which has meant I have spent hours listening to music and staring out the window. The other day I realised that I'm not the kind of person that gets obsessed with one song, I get obsessed with 3 at a time; probably because I add them all on spotify at the same time. When I start loving this amazing trio, I usually don't really listen to anything else, up to the point where I have to find new ones.
While I was looking through my playlist I saw that all my songs where bunched into 3s. I thought I would share with you these songs since they are all amazing.

sun is shining - axwell^ingresso
locked away - r. city 
easy love - sigala 

colours - halsey             
drive - halsey                    
new americana - halsey 

stacy's mum - fountains of wayne
worth it - fifth harmony
are you with me - lost frequencies  

unwritten - natasha bedingfield
the wire - haim
brokenhearted - karmin

migrane - twenty one pilots  
technicolour beat - oh wonder  
regular town - new navy       

ps - the ones in pink are the kind of songs I've loved and haven't get over them (not the small obsessions like Happy or Uptown Funk that I soon hated)

Hope you enjoyed this post and find these song recommendations useful 
- Sofia

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