Get To Know Me 2

Long time no see (yes I know it's my fault but I'm back)
 A while back, I posted a 'get to know me' post, so I thought I would do a 2nd edition (because why not)

1. My first phone was an iPhone3 (yay)
2. My favourite colour is Turquoise 
3. When I was really little I used to have High School Musical Glasses (cool kid alert !!)  
4. I love trampolining  
5. I can literally not survive school without a bottle of water
6. Recently, I've become obsessed with Halsey
7.  My one piece of "essential" makeup is Mascara
8. I was born in London and have lived here all my life
9. I've only ever moved house once
10. I usually get very attached to some pictures that bring up nice memories, so I tend to print them out and put them places where I'll see them often :)

I have another post schueldued for tomorrow that I hope you'll enjoy as well!
x Sofia