Revamp Your Wall

Until recently, I hadn't actually realised how much of a difference ONE WALL could make. Let me tell you, it makes so much difference. Having an architect, and generally very decoration obsessed mum, my room (and every other room in the house) is white all over. At one point, I said enough is enough; my room is way too boring. This is what I did to one wall, that can make all the difference to your room.

1. I dug out old photos of me and my friends
2. Flicked through old and new editions of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and any other magazine I could find and ripped out anything I liked
3. Got out my blue tack and began sticking wherever I wanted.

But I'm not saying this was all planned; actually it all came very gradually as I became more and more inspired with what I could do with my wall. I would maybe add 1 or 2 pictures a week, and that is still what I do, it just keeps growing. I even have some old theatre tickets, quotes and free samples of perfume stuck there. Fashion wise, I tried to look for images that were edgy and stuck out to me; not the typical guy with a girl on a boat advertising a perfume.

In a weird way, this wall actually means a lot to me; its interesting and gives my room a different atmosphere.

Hope you get inspired to do something like this. Does anyone else have this sort of thing on their wall?

x sofia

I have a small very big obsession with Cara Delevinge

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