Oliver Bonas Box

THANK YOU GHILLA! (she's the friend who gave me this adorable box from Oliver Bonas which I have been absolutely adoring!)

This box is made of glass with a mirror base and bronze dividers that outline the edges of the box. It has a glass lid which opens up with his bronze hoop: this is also outlined by bronze. I feel this gives it a lovely edge and makes it look a lot more sophisticated.

            This is how I've organised this box.
I've been using this to organise my lip and eye makeup, and some hair accessories, rings and lip balms. 

I love how this looks on my desk and its so handy to keep my most used things. My lip makeup includes things like; victoria's secret lipstick and liner, and a few lip glosses. 

My eye makeup includes; Bourjois mascara, Scandaleyes eyeliner, Revolution gel eyeliner and a purple based N*7 eyeshadow.

In my 'hair things' I keep some elastics, bobby pins, and clips. In the other compartment I have some silver rings, and the next one over I have a strawberry EOS and a philosophy lip balm.

Shooting outside can be tough

Hope you liked this post :)

x Sofia

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  1. Looks fab! I've been meaning to find something like this :)
    -Morgan x