Moving To Argentina ??

Judging by the title of this post, I'm guessing you kinda know what I'm talking about. YES. I am moving to Argentina; but only temporarily. I am moving to Buenos Aires for around 4 months. This is because of family and other things that need sorting out. I will be going to school there. Although I've worried a lot about this change, I'm starting to try and look on the bright side; because there is no point in being upset if I can't do anything about it. I'm going to miss loads of you, some of whom have supported and been with me for so long. I know that this is something a lot of people will find weird "she's moving to a country just for 4 months?!" and obviously posts will be a little bit different but hopefully you guys will find it a little bit exciting to see my life from the other side of the world.

Hope you enjoy the posts to come.
x Sofia  

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