Get To Know Me

Incase you didn't know, I'm Sofia, a 13 year old girl who lives in London.
1.  I have 2 dogs who are both crossbreeds and I love them a lot. 
2. I have loved makeup and doing peoples' makeup since I was about 5 with free makeup that you get in magazines.
3. My favourite shops are Topshop and New Look. 
4. I am at my happiest when I am surrounded by my friends. 
5. My favourite drink is watermelon bubble tea and I have a bubble tea shop right by my house ;)
6.  I've met Tyler Oakley, Rizzle Kicks and the Made In Chelsea cast. 
7. My favourite Tv show is Pretty Little Liars. 
8. A place I've always wanted to go to is The Maldives because it just seems like the nicest calmest place ever and I would love to go.
9. I'm Italian and I don't like pizza or tomato sauce (!!)
10. I hate painting my nails because every time I do them it always ends up going wrong and I have to start again.

Hope you enjoyed this random little post and learnt something about me!

x Sofia


  1. Ah you've done so much! It's looking so good <3 loved this post xx

    1. thanks :) I couldn't of done it without you <3 I was getting worried, did you get home ok? How's your phone?

      x Sofia

    2. Yeah I did, and we're taking it to the phone repair guy today ;) xx

  2. Your blog looks so cute <3 loooooooove x

  3. Cute post! Your blog is super relatable, since I'm around the same age as you and love a few of the same things xx