Duty Free Airport Fun

Recently, I've been having a lot of layovers at airports. Despite what others think, I find this quite fun. As soon as I can, I rush off to Duty Free, Nars and  mac cosmetics to try on every type of expensive makeup I wish I could get. Every now and then, I do find myself buying a thing or two in counters like benefit or rimmell at airports but unfortunately Mac and Nars out of reach. If you can, playing around with testers is an amazing pass time.

Also, the great thing is, these counters almost always have makeup remover that you can use right there so no problemo if you smudged that mascara all over your eye. I also find this is a perfect time to try out new products which I wouldn't normally try because I don't know how to use them properly. Just make sure you use all the products responsibly so that the staff allow you to stay. 

Also, sometimes it's nice to spritz a little bit of perfume after a flight when you don't have deodorant handy. 

tip: if the ladies at the counters start getting mad a) pretend you're actually going to buy something b) move over to another counter and come back later.


x sofia 

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