Day Out In The Witterings

Oh the english beaches. Until my day out with Freya today, I had never actually appreciated them. Besides the fact that I was going with one of my closest friends, going on a day out to the english beaches didn't sound all that exciting. The weather forecast said it was going to rain but we decided to go anyways. When we arrived to The Witterings, we went first to West Wittering. Unfortunately, because we were told that it was going to rain soon, I didn't take any pictures so that I could enjoy the time when it was sunny. Freya and I then rented a Stand Up Paddle board, put on our wetsuits and went into the water. IT WAS COLD,  but really not as cold as I thought it would be. With our phones  in our waterproof cases tied around our neck, we tried (and failed) to stand up on the paddle board. Us trying to be skilled led to an hour of falling of, laughing and taking 'cool' underwater pictures. 

For lunch, we took the car and went to East Witterings. We had lunch at this lovely surf café called Drift In which served good food for a reasonable price. Soon after it started to rain, so we couldn't go back. So Freya and I decided to take a look around (looking like complete fools in our shorts and flip flops in the rain) and this is when I took some pictures. We looked around some of the shops and came across this cute sweet shop called Candies and also this shop that sold beauty/ pamper products (a lot like lush, just cheaper and cuter.) It had loads of cute quotes hanging around.

It was a lovely day out and I recommend going anytime the weather's good. 
x Sofia 

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  1. Ahh I love the Witterings! I live relatively close to there, and it's always an adventure we go on in the summer. I think West Wittering is my favourite. I might go there for a cold and windy walk at some point.