Cowshed ' Wild Cow' Body Lotion

To me, from the outside, this product was very pleasing. Maybe it was because of the lovely, neat writing and pattern on the packaging or just how defined the curves were (I think I have a thing for aesthetically pleasing things.)
Anyways, as soon as I received this as a gift, I was excited to try it out. The first thing I did was smell the lotion (the smell is essential af), and to be honest, the smell was way too strong for me; 5 seconds after smelling it I sneezed. It took me by surprise how strong it could be while looking so subtle from the outside. 

After applying it to my skin, I felt it sink in so quickly; it left my skin feeling soft and smelling pretty good. It is not sticky at all and after a bit you forget its there. Another thing I would say is that it does not have very good coverage which is a shame for a product costing £20 (!!!). All in all, I would say that if I hadn't gotten this as a gift I would not have bought this as £20 is way too much for a body lotion; but you can tell it is great quality.

x Sofia

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